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R4 For Nintendo 3DS

This is my new ambition that talks about all the altered types of r4i gold 3ds for Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DSi XL systems. The R4 3DS is the new beam anamnesis agenda accessible for the new Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL systems. My plan is to analysis anniversary of the cards accessible that humans can buy. I accept beatific requests to some factories to advanced a sample of their R4 cards for me, so that I can accord a abundant analysis and allegory of all anamnesis cards are accessible for purchase.

I will do my best to try even to buy some of the carbon or abolish blazon buy r4i gold 3ds, which are not official, just so we can all analyze them together, and apperceive absolutely which agenda you should be searching to buy.

Hope you like my lens on these products, and I attending advanced to the analysis and accord all the advice you can.

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R4i gold 3ds can be updated to support 3DS6.0.0-X


News from r4i gold 3ds official site:

R4i gold 3ds can be updated to support 3DS6.0.0-X,update patch will be released soon! (2013-06-19)

R4i gold 3ds can be updated to support 3DS6.0.0-X perfectly!
Watch Video here
This video shows that r4i gold 3ds can be updated to support 3DS6.0.0-X (6.0.0-11U/6.0.0-12E/6.0.0-12J).
Be patient and the patch is under testing.
It’ll be released as soon as it is ready.


So what i said before, when the dstwo released the new firmware to support 3ds v6.0.0-x, i said hope r4i gold 3ds can update quicker too, as everytime, these 2 team update so quick, they are strong team :)

And not let us wait too long, the patch will be released soon! How wonderful the news it is!


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Is Gateway 3DS work on 3DS v6.0.0-11?





When Nintendo 3DS update the firmware to v6.0.0-11 / 12, all the flashcarts get blocked. And until now, just dstwo released a new firmware v1.20 can support 3DS v6.0.0-x. this stronggest card always update quickly. And just after one day, r4i gold 3ds team said that their patch is under testing and will released soon.



So many users concern, if the Gateway 3DS support the 3DS v6.0.0-x? According to the Gateway 3DS official FAQ, they don’t recommend users update the console system, just in case the new system will block cards. Is that mean the gateway 3ds may be blocked by the updating? There are 2 different standpoint in the discussing. Some users think it will not be blocked as the gateway 3ds has not been released yet, so Nintendo will not know the gateway 3ds system and don’t know how to block it. But some other users don’t think so, they think even the gateway 3ds has not come out, Nintendo still can block it.



Well, i hope gateway can break it and give us a perfect product. Whatever we guess, the only thing we can do is just be patience and wait, and believe the gateway 3ds, hope the cards can be released soon.








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r4i gold 3ds v6.0 patch released!


The r4i gold 3ds released the v6.0 patch finally! This is really a great news. And when you download the patch and check the “readme.doc”, you will find the update method this time is a little different from normal, it need cut cards!

Well, cut is too serious i think, according to the readme.doc, we can find it seems just like use a knife to gash a line. Here is the method:

1. Download the latest WOOD R4 V1.60 kernel (have to re-download it even you did it before).

2. Download the r4i gold 6.0 patch

3. Unzip r4i gold 6.0 patch to the root directory of your tf card.

4. Get a NDSL/NDSi or a 3DS which system version is below 3DS6.0.0-11.

5. Run R4iGold_3DS60_Patch_NDSi_3DS.nds to update your r4i Gold 3DS card.

6. Attention: do not power off your console during the updating process.

7. After updating your r4i Gold 3DS card successfully, open the shell of your card, see the PCB picture below,
cut off the signal line as shown by arrow in the yellow oval.



Note: Don’t cut the line before the patch updating done!!!

8. Now, your r4i Gold 3DS card can work on 3DS 6.0.0-11


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How to update your R4i Gold 3DS to work on 3DS v6.0.0-x ?





The r4i gold 3ds team released the update patch, but the method is a little different, here is what i did and hope can help you:



What we need:



1. buy r4i gold 3ds
2. sd card
3. a knife
4. a dsi console



How to:



1. Download the newest r4i gold 3ds v1.60 wood kernel, even if you did that before, please just re-download it again and cover the old one, download the patch too



2. Unzip the patch, you will find 2 x .nds file and 1 x .doc file, select the dsi update patch, put the patch and kernel in the root of sd card






3. Start your r4i gold 3ds on your dsi, find the .nds file on menu, start it and update your card.



照片 002照片 003照片 004照片 005



4. After the updating success, reboot your console, the  icon will be change



照片 006



OK, here is the different:



I have 3 r4i gold 3ds in my hands, both 3 cards are the “C” cards which has a C printed on the pcb. 2 of them after the updating, it can work on 3DS v6.0.0-x perfectly, no need use the knife to cut. And just 1 card cannot work, then i did the follow thing:






You will find i don’t cut it, just drill a hole between the C1 and R9, i think cut is a little difficult and just drill a hole has the same effect, and yes, after i drill it, the card work on 3DS with no problem.



So i know for some r4i gold 3ds, you don’t need cut, just use the patch to update your card, it will work, but for other r4i gold 3ds, you need do this. Afdter you update your card, please work it on your 3ds first, maybe you are lucky and no need use knife to cut the pcb.





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